Star Manufacturing

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Star HT409-120V Holman 4-Slot Pop-Up Toaster [並行輸入品]

Star Manufacturing

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Star QCS1-350 Compact Conveyor Toaster with 1.5" Opening [並行輸入品]

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登録情報ASIN:B01K1YI894発送重量:20 での取り扱い開始日:2016/7/22 - by 川崎惠理子

説明Star mfg. compact conveyor bread toaster w/ 1-1/2"opening the star holman conveyor toaster uses quartz infrared heaters that provide consistent heat. this toaster will toast bread to perfection. the ... - by 高橋直純

現在在庫切れです。この商品の再入荷予定は立っておりません。 - by 手塚ちはる

登録情報ASIN:B01K1YG70Q発送重量:8.8 での取り扱い開始日:2016/7/22 - by 吉田小南美

詳細インポート商品並行輸入商品アメリカ販売品 - by 摩味

説明The Star Holman 4-slot toasters will toast bread, bagels, or buns to perfection. The insulated ceramic heating elements and timed controls provide even toasting. The removable crumb tray makes cleanin ... - by 石塚堅

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